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Our signature sweet, the Anjeer Pak is the most famous Hyderabadi sweet and is being widely chosen and sold delicacy for its rich taste and health benefits. Its ingredients include the rich figs, Dry Fruits, Milk, Pure Ghee and other delightful ingredients. We bet, you never can resist yourself from having it after tasting. The first thing that hits your tongue when you have it, is always Pure ghee, warm and mellow and swathing.


Our Story...

A legacy that has been passed on to generations and will continue.  Established by a Veteran  in early nineteenth  century and is now managed by his grand son. With excellent knowledge of sweets, savouries, customer’s tastes and their satisfaction.

We’ve been delivering old fashioned sweets, retro Shahi Halwas for over a century and now online for over a decade. We take pride on the quality of our scrumptious delicacies, hand crafted to excellence using our original recipes.

Most of all we love sweets and want to share our passion with everybody – enjoy!

Love, Magic & Mithai! Make Our Sweets Part Of Your Special Day!

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