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~ Hyderabad’s Sweet addict’s heaven. We are a one stop destination for all your sweet temptations, our most unique treat – The Anjeer Pak, made from pure figs (Anjeer), this delicacy dates back to being one of the Nizam’s favourite savouries and being true Hyderabadi sweet. We take pride in our array of delightful desserts and snacks. We take pride in being the only sweet shop satisfying people’s taste buds since the nineteenth century.


We take pride in being the only sweet shop satisfying people’s taste buds since the nineteenth century...



Over the course of Ten Decades, a lot has changed about us. We have refurnished, revived our age old traditions, developed new product lines & added segments, improved our customer touch points.

One thing that hasn’t changed – we’re still a tight-knit family business, committed to serving the most authentic taste of Royal Nizam  through our products.

Our origins can be traced back to a small confectionery in the heart of city  founded by Mohd Hussain Sahab. This modest shop quickly gained popularity and scaled up to meet a booming demand for its unique-tasting Jauzi Zafran, Aflatoon. Building on this legacy, his grandson, our pioneer Mr. Mohd Hussain  steered the business towards the heights it has tasted today.


Our Signature Sweet:

Anjeer Pak is the most famous Hyderabadi sweet and is being widely chosen and sold delicacy for its rich taste and health benefits. Its ingredients include the rich figs, Dry Fruits, Milk, Pure Ghee and other delightful ingredients.

We bet, you never can resist yourself from having it after tasting. The first thing that hits your tongue when you have it, is always Pure ghee, warm and mellow and swathing.

ANJEER PAK is appropriately named – It is indeed peerless, because of its manner of preparation. It can also be carefully stored in cool, dry place and for up to a month making it the top choice for expatriates and customers from all around the world.



Mohammedi Confectioners, a renowned name for all the famous desserts and sweets that Hyderabad is known for and that we can take pride of~ Come treat yourself and your loved ones with our finest collection of sweets & Savouries.